By October 8, 2019 Life

Coldstream Avenue has a new pit
be careful you could fall in
before the dream home goes up
before they haul away the 
rubble of red brick 

New owner said yes
we could have some 
one brick each
one for five
five former brick dwellers
five from seven
We didn’t ask for seven
We’re not greedy

A brick from your house
my old house 
my grow-up-and-become house 
sure house safe house
sing-at-the-table house

 That red brick is now in my window
of my adult house 
four blondes (one four-legged) and a Greek
 number 258 on my street

Coldstream was number 129

129 plus 129 equals 258
Double the luck

Except luck is for leprechauns
 and I’m only Irish for the poetry
and the potatoes any kind will do

I put my brick in the window 
shooed away the sprites
lurking in the green below

Now when I look to the skies
there  first  is you
solid on the sill

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©Anne Langford 2019