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Epic battles and other Monday blues

By October 29, 2012 Urban gadfly

Put up your hand if your alarm clock provoked a shudder and huddle early this morning.

Peek outside. Gloom.

Our autumn palette clings to the trees and one hopes the coming storm will not sweep it all away.

Will we city dwellers face power failures and flooding as some have predicted? Thousands of flights are grounded and traffic is already a nightmare or so the radio chirps.

In other alarming news, Justin Bieber will perform at halftime during the Grey Cup next month.

Can you blame our household for hiding under the duvet?

While we wait out the storm, south of the border, Obama and Romney have cancelled several campaign stops along the East coast areas affected by the hurricane. Those infamous “undecided voters” looking for answers in this final week are left to browse social media platforms and YouTube.

This video, now boasting 22 million views, won’t help and might leave them voting for the eagle.

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Zombie alert!

By October 26, 2012 Urban gadfly

Friday fun links. Click away. Read More

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Buff and gruff: Friday’s links

By October 19, 2012 Urban gadfly

Life grim? Perk up. Find a reason to sneak in a little joy.


Browse awhile. Sneak in a smile. Some links for you:

  • No Mind Will Be Left Unchanged. TED talks have some competition now online:ONION TALKS.
  • Still on the smirk: Brit fem hygiene company Bodyforms has responded to some dude’s rant about being lied to about the reality of women’s periods. He’s miffed that “joyous adventurous time” was one big fib. Or so he said on Facebook.  Here’s how they responded. Gotta love the Brits.

You’re welcome. Happy Weekend!

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