TIFF 2017: Quotables

By September 20, 2017 Film

Part of the TIFF experience is hearing from those who made the film, in brief Questions & Answer sessions following the screening. Cringing at the odd dumb question is part of it; mostly, it’s a peek, a very tiny glimpse, into the one of the world’s most collaborative art forms.

Actors can’t always articulate what it is they do. Directors are often eccentric or mumblers and sometimes they ditch altogether because speaking to an audience who have paid money to see their film as it begins to make the rounds in public isn’t a priority to some. Or they have to dash off to another project. ūüéĶ¬†There’s no business like show business … These are performances after, all, these sessions¬†with the public. And when they click magically, it makes that TIFF ticket (more $ every year, sadly) a meaty thing.

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