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September promise

By September 3, 2014 Life

Happy New Year!

That was the cheery greeting from one staff member at the door of my daughter’s school yesterday.

For students everywhere, the early days of September, instead of the first day of January, are more likely prompts for resolutions.

New schools, classrooms, teachers, friends, and routines are all untainted, full of the promise held in a new agenda.

To add to the collective make the team, pass math, avoid bullies and stay awake, I offer up Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby’s message:

Do one thing differently.

Seems easy enough to grasp, right?

Here’s how he translates that simple directive.




What will you do differently?


Get up 30 minutes earlier. Claim my mornings back.


That was easy.




If you’re lucky, you’ll be deserving of one of these in the future.



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