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Easter blooms

By March 31, 2013 Life

Easter is my signal to begin the official countdown to tulip season.

It may be a wait.

I am an impatient sort when blooms are scarce. Can you blame me for bringing a garden indoors?

The bikes are about to burst from the shed but these ones will do for now.

I told my Easter lunch guests today to bring their wellies for all the mud interference in store for our egg hunt.

I think all the eggs were found but here’s a link with some savvy recipes for Easter egg leftovers.

Tomorrow is a day to rest and read up for my annual Book Club Weekend Away, looming happily on my April calendar.

I might sneak a peek at a favourite magazine read and some fun cover art: New Yorker Easter covers

Or I might do the family snuggle and watch this flick, an annual Easter tradition with my own parade girls.

P.S I want Judy’s gloves.

Happy Easter to all!

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