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By January 11, 2013 Performance

The dark days of winter blah are upon us.  Gray mush to meet the new year. Perfect weather for dreaming about unzipped sunshine:

Wavestage Theatre Company is holding auditions next month for their summer production of the rock musical HAIR.This promises to be a very hot ticket this summer in Ontario.

The company is on the hunt for ” all ethnicities, colours of the rainbow and fearless souls.”  This is a fantastic chance for young   (in mind or body) musical theatre hopefuls. In underscoring the Broadway revival’s appeal to a new generation, New York Times writer Ben Brantley suggests that Hair is “not just a celebration of the counterculture it depicts.

“The kids of “Hair” are cuddly, sweet, madcap and ecstatic. They’re also angry, hostile, confused and scared as hell — and not just of the Vietnam War, which threatens to devour the male members of their tribe. They’re frightened of how the future is going to change them and of not knowing what comes next. Acting out the lives of the adults they disdain becomes a cathartic ritual.”

The Hair tribe consists of 25 male and female performers. While there is no age requirement for this Ontario production, the characters must be believable as 16 to 28 year olds for the tribe. There are also a few adult roles for male and females ages 30 to 50. While theatrical experience is helpful, it is not mandatory ( the original Broadway cast had a lot of first timers.)

Specific audition information here

The company is also conducting an Audition Master Class for those looking to nail an audition, the bread and butter of all show business hopefuls.  Registration is now underway for the class, to be held next Sunday January 20th in Newmarket, Ontario.

Audition Master Class Workshop details here

I am being disingenuous when I suggest January is a blah month.
It is the month of my birthday and wedding anniversary.
It is hot toddies,

skating at the city’s edge,

At the Natrel rink at Harbourfront

dodging nature’s weapons,

My front porch. Yikes!

and poetry. ( hurrah!)

The Toronto Poetry Slam hits the Drake Hotel tomorrow night at 8 pm but the real heat comes at the end of the month for When Sisters Speak, the 13th annual spoken word concert of black female poets on January 26th.
Tickets on sale now at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts but if you need an idea of just how hot the talent is, check out what will be the biggest draw: award winning actor, playwright and dub poet, d’bi young.

Enjoy the weekend.

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