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March begins tomorrow so get play in motion!

By February 28, 2013 Urban gadfly

Who doesn’t love the infinite possibility of a little brick?
The first LEGOLAND is set to open in Canada. If you have kids and are underwhelmed with winter slush, cheer up. The Vaughan Mills Legoland Discovery Centre opens tomorrow. Lego activities, Lego build projects, Lego car races-good, good, great but I’m going to check out Toronto’s landmarks made with over a million pieces.

Courtesy: The Torontoist

Don’t know any kids? There’s an adults only night just for you, once a month. Go forth, Lego nerds. Can we recast date night? Banish those splashy Bachelor destination dates.
Does your partner know how to play?

Red Chronicle regulars know well my love of TIFF ( read why here).  Those wizards are always up to something and if Lego bricks make you squirrelly, perhaps their digiPLAYSPACE will provide the right jolt. Opens March 9th.



Have fun playing.

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