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Faking it is ok if you wink.

By July 23, 2014 Performance

After spending an afternoon at a place where imagination went to die, I can’t tell you how relieved I am to discover this guy.

I believe I may even have shouted, THANK YOU, YOU CRAZY MOFO!

This is for crumbling dinosaurs who have missed the signs to the new frontier: you must collaborate ( middle child alert), use humour ( marriage crutch), seek out peeps with monster talent, assume intelligence at go.

Watch this first.


Then watch this.



A gimmick?

Certainly. But like the Lego movie mentioned here yesterday, it lets us all in on the joke and subverts the direct hit of  Look at me. I’m great. Buy my record.   

Yes, Rob Cantor wants us to buy his record.

But he’s dipped, no, jumped right into the new pool of media speaking directly to a hyperaware consumer.

Be the wizard but forget conning Dorothy and cohorts.

Just bring them behind the curtain.


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