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Forest secrets

By October 11, 2013 Life

Autumn trees are old friends. Dappled glories, their years of growth remind me of where I am.


Before the weekend is over, somewhere between the reunions,

and the pies,

we will visit one another, these trees that keep me sane. They know all my secrets.

If you hear laughter from the golden forests, that’s me, remembering old times, plotting future shenanigans.

Are you game? 

For all my family and friends who keep me rooted, I give thanks.

To those missing in the forest, this one’s for you. 

Holding Glass

where have you gone to  my comrade
where do you dance

I have no souvenirs

just dusty lenses

remember the wet dock  dodging bats

kerchiefed canoeist  diving naked  sunlight bar soap shampoo

Piano hours belting out old Elton John   crowd of hoarse zit-faced loonies
swapping chapters like we’d really lived

My parents’ basement    house of happenings
sleepovers in flappy flannel   costumed prep for arts festivals


you were the first in lipstick
mad drive through the school fields
in spring thaw   the mud gave us away.

our fridge list of yummy partners
your lefty slant that tilted us all
the year you got crabs   we held your hand at the drugstore

I budded in line in the lobby    got the interview first
we ripped wire copy in tandem
learning the newsroom rant   byzantine politics  we skated  falling often
you carried my flag daily
we had babies together,
you had a ball  I was a whale
and you

you who came to see me
in that first moment
holding glass

you ignored
half mooned eyes  matted hair
smiled, said ah, motherhood
you packed my crate
tear blindness prevented logic
called   prodded me back
held the net when I teetered
heard it all    knew it all

in touch   out of touch
you are lost   all of you
in the eye of a spinning needle   threads my living

rich tapestry indeed.

Copyright © Anne Langford

from my poetry collection, Holding Glass, Alburnum Press, 2001


Thanksgiving colour hike once upon a time

For those who asked for it again…

Thanksgiving pulse

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