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Inspired by masters

By September 16, 2014 Life

What’s left after a smorgasbord of visual splendour?

Throwing out all my ham-fisted home movies, for one.  My meagre efforts at family narratives are nothing short of hilarious, if not headache inducing. How about that shaky footage of Junior…isn’t it great?
Still,  a tweak here , a cut there can produce miracles.

You can always steal from a master, like this fun short by Jaume R. Lloret, a tip of the hat to filmmaker Wes Anderson, a favourite of mine.

Maybe I’ll keep the footage after all and keep poking along. They say one should start with the environment closest to home.

OK, that’s enough of that. No Oscars coming this way. But what a blast to pretend! Roll out the red carpet.

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