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Juggle? I’m the whole circus , baby

By May 9, 2014 Life

Spring produces fresh grass, stalks of rhubarb, and a new batch of students flooding the job market.

Are they ready for the tough interview? What would you ask?*

Let’s try this together.

What are you reading/watching/listening to that helps you with your work?

Book: This is the story of a happy marriage by Ann Patchett. 

TV: No time to watch anything this week.

Music: Sara McLachlan’s latest Shine.

When was the last time you wore a costume?

On my recent birthday, I had my make-up done at Barneys and then pranced around NYC like a painted peacock.

I’m going to give you five minutes. Teach me something new. Anything.

My tricks take longer. Storytelling. Filmmaking. Baking. None of them are five-minute lessons. I’m not going to lie. Sorry Instagram.

What’s something you’re bad at that you really wish you were good at?


What was your last job?

Chief controller of unique infrastructure involving a prodigious amount of creativity, superlative time management skills, intuitive negotiation, and supervision.

Excuse me? 

Perhaps this list will help.

    • Bad Dream Exterminator
    • Event planner
    • Picnic Location scout
    • Researcher
    • Tutor
    • Short Order Cook
    • Chauffeur
    • Cheerleader
    • Therapist
    • Mediocre House Cleaner
    • Quality Control Team Leader
    • Champion Thumb Wrestler
    • Inventor of the Shirt with the Stain
    • President of Gumption Inc.

There’s also the short version of that answer. Mom is just too tiny a word.


Find these and more here (and read the comments!)Favourite Job Interview Questions

Artwork: Thank you Jeanne A. Benas! 

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