Sex on a plate

By February 12, 2020 Recipes, Rituals

When developing my 2016 food memoir, we tested perhaps a few too many chocolate cake recipes for one sane writer. The search for winners in our Wit’s End Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame included contributions from friends, family, old cookbooks, new bloggers, faded newspaper clippings and a stack of old Gourmet magazines I only recently ditched—The Overdue House Edit is still in systems check mode as I write. Go away, TV producers. I’m not quite at the hoarding stage. Yet.

Four chocolate cakes made it into the final edition: our family birthday go-to (basically the Sports Cakes Illustrated cover model), a lucky New Year’s ring cake, a Mocha Yule log I make only at Christmas, and a Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake for those who like their chocolate tinged with caramel. I love all of these equally for different occasions. Readers have also let me know their approval. Chocolate Cake people are a very specific kind of crazy. They’re my kind of extra.

Still, there remained others that had to be edited out for no reason other than space. The recipe that follows is one of them. I’ve made it often for gluten-free guests, and serious chocolate lovers who don’t blush when I tell them I’ve serving sex on a plate.

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