Welcome to my house. I’ll be your host.



I’m a writer and producer of daughters and desserts.


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Toronto’s my town but I really grew up here,

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I studied film as an English major at McGill. Yes, this is airbrushed but I like to pretend I still have that skin.


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Writer, producer in the Toronto newsroom of Global Television

and here.

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First day as mom

I’m for early starts, late bloomers, and being the last one off the beach. Boredom is for fools.


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Love and sugar are my currency.





Go ahead and explore my rooms and try to ignore the occasional mess. Look here for storytellers. This is a house celebrating performance in old and new art forms. Feel free to reach out and touch. This isn’t a museum, but a moveable feast for those swallow-life-in-big-gulps kind of people.



Disco in the Greek Islands where I said yes to my partner of 22 years



Wander into the kitchen and savour a slice.





Then join the rant parade just outside. Stick around longer and together, we might figure out a 12 layer cake, an imperfect circle, or how to unlock the door to the secret room.