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“And they will know what we can do!”

By August 21, 2013 Life

It is never too late to learn handy tricks. Are you listening, college bound crew?

Leaving home for the first time?

It might be helpful to know:

How to fold a shirt.

How to avoid certain personalities at a party, even if everyone has a story worth hearing.

OK Mom, we know already.

read: 5 Kinds of People You Always Meet at a Party

How to navigate drinking for the first time:
read: 8 Dumb Mistakes you will make as a first time drinker

How to eat properly at the residence cafeteria:

How to remain motivated when faced with mountains of work:

(Yes, daughters of the universe, only men can rouse spirits, apparently. Keira Knightley as your fearless leader is a little scarce. The others are on the cutting room floor.)

Feel better prepared?

Now go out and enjoy the last gasp of summer.

For more on prepping for the future, read about the Tunnel of Errors and Mayhem

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