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Soccer husband, soccer wife

By June 12, 2014 Headlines

He will say cold soup. When asked what he’s learned from 22 years of marriage, the Greek never heard of cold soup until he married the Wasp.


As for what’s rubbed off on me, the answer is soccer. We were active kids, yes, but I wasn’t brought up on soccer. In the schoolyard, the soccer ball missed my group in the corner, busy conjuring ways we could remake the latest Little House on the Prairie episode.

That was then.


Today begins a month of little else but watching a ball on a screen. When not cheering, cursing, waving his arms about, or tapping his jersey-festooned belly, he will share a stat, a story, a detail we missed. The door swings open for another fan. Will the floorboards hold? The couch is warm and those boys on the field sure are…fit.

There are some passions meant to be shared.

Here’s a fun interactive guide to World Cup official uniforms since the the competition began in 1930.




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